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Restaurant Grease Trap
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Before Treatment After Treatment
Enviroway Solutions
  • Water flow rate per day: 100000-200000 L
  • Waste generated: Kitchen, laundry, and sewage.
  • Odour: Pungent smell in and around grease traps
  • Sludge / Scum Content: Very high levels of Sludge/Scum
  • Colour of water: yellowish and at times appeared black
  • High maintenance cost
  • High accumulation of Scum in grease traps
  • Labours for daily scum removal, unhygienic environment for visitors/guests
  • Scum disposal and maintenance
Parameters problems:
  • Odor in grease traps
  • Sludge/scum in grease traps
  • High load in ETP
  • Color of treated water
After Treatment:
  • Significant reduction in odor
  • Considerable reduction in scum accumulation
  • Rain water color
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