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Sewage Treatment Facility
The treatment of this facility started on Dec 14th, 2004, on a STP built in 1937 during the British Era. The trial project was started after detailed presentations and discussions with engineers and government officials, including the Delhi Chief Minister. This plant was running over capacity and was facing frequent minor upsets. High levels of odoriferous compounds were the source of pungent and foul stink problems. Another major condition for the trial was to eliminate high H2S, high SS, and BOD levels. After initiating our biological treatment, this plant showed a 90% improvement on its effluent parameters, had no smell, and power consumption fell by over 50% with less aeration requirements. All objectives were met and the plant increased its capacity from 30 MGD (million gallons/per day) to 45 MGD. This is a testament to the power of Envirozyme.
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