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Industrial Wastewater
Industrial discharge water contains waste from product manufacturing processes. Composition of waste varies from industry to industry. Wastes from paper and pulp contain mainly complex lignin, mercaptans, and organic halides, while wastes from dairies are rich in protein, fat, grease, and lactose. Food and beverage processing industries will output a higher organic load, while petroleum industries output contains phenolic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Depending on the kind of products and services a particular industry generates, its industrial processes vary and so does the resulting wastewater composition. To meet the demands of all of these industries, EnviroWay’s bioaugmentation, biotechnolgy and processes are exceedingly effective. These bioaugmentation treatments demand proper adjustment of physico-chemical parameters. Our service teams are experts in optimizing water chemistry parameters that assure effective bioaugmentation treatment of wastewater to achieve the desired results.

Industrial Water
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